Incorporate Feng Shui attributes at office, commercial or industrial premises can create a harmonious work environment, which ensures smooth operations, healthy workforce and a flourishing business. Be it an office in operation or a manufacturing plant in its infancy, LTE Feng Shui strives to help you and your business to reap great benefits. This service is applicable to both new and existing commercial/industrial property (e.g. office space, shop house, restaurant, factory, shopping mall, institutions, etc). Our services include:


      • Specific Location / 特定的位置
      • Choosing of Address / 企业选址
      • Extension Project / 扩展项目
    Placement of key staffs in an office is of utmost importance in corporate Feng Shui. More importantly, a client needs to know the energies (qi) that would be affecting his business for the year and how he can take advantage of the good and reduce the bad times. Corporate Feng Shui must be tailored to suit and support the mission of the company. If you are thinking of renovate or new build an office, it would be ideal to incorporate Feng Shui right from initial design stage.


    Choosing of address or making changes to selected areas or extension project of your premises, can aid in the encouragement of workplace morale and productivity, as well as increase business opportunities. From the landform environment to the business personality, LTE Feng Shui incorporates every little detail into our Feng Shui auditing process to design an effective yet pleasant Feng Shui environment for your business. This is a fundamental service that increases the capacity for growth and ensures continuity through complementing and strengthening the existing Feng Shui attributes and corporate culture.


    • New Construction Project Development
    • Town Development Project
    If you’ve already made the commitment to purchase a land, no worry, we can provide you with the best possible remedies you can make to improve its Feng Shui. Often these would resort to the right directional alignment, location of entrances, exits and pathways, location and design of the building structure. Major development projects call for detailed planning and strategic allocation of every building, so as to take advantage of the inherent land conditions and maximize the benefits of Feng Shui. Be it large-scaled development planning or in-depth considerations for each entity in your project, you can count on us to create a harmonious environment that brings forth growth and prosperity for you and your organization. With a rich experience in development planning, LTE Feng Shui is definitely your trusted partner in Feng Shui.


    • SELECTION OF LAND / 土地选购
    If you are thinking of purchasing a plot of land to build your dream home or office block or for other purposes, it would be ideal to have it Feng Shui audited. Not all land is created equal. Some are particularly good for certain types of businesses and is not supportive to others. Whether what kind of land you choose, the most important is to choose those with good Feng Shui environment that can bring you good energy, more business opportunities and prosperity. With more than 36 years of practical experience, LTE Feng Shui has the capability to assist you to choose a land that best suits you.


    LTE Feng Shui can aid you in making the right choice in your premises selection and helps you to select ideal name to kick-start your business. A good start is halfway to success.