• 李德榮老師简历

    Grand Master Lee Teck Eng, founder of LTE Fengshui is a world-class renowned Taoism Fengshui Master with over 36 years devoted to the teaching of Fengshui, Bazi, Face Reading (Mian Xiang), Flying Stars Feng Shui and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects. 


    Growing up under the inherent of Fengshui’s Family, Grand Master Lee was one of the most well loved and gifted disciples of his Uncle, Master Jing Qi who deceased in the year 1997. Grand Master Lee was also a descendant disciple of a highly respected Fengshui Master in Asia - Grand Master Chen Qin Shui, who deceased in year 2004.
    Despite suffering under Polio that may impose inconveniences during his course of work, this does not stop Grand Master Lee putting his rich experiences and wisdom to the advantage of individuals and corporations. Holding strong to his philosophy, he believes in – Relating people with a genuine and sincere heart, gaining trust by credibility, respecting given responsibility by working with passion.

    Grand Master Lee’s Publications


    • Operation and Incorporation of Fengshui (“風水操作和運用”)
    • Wan Shui Qian Shan Zhong Shi Qing (“萬水千山總是情“)
    • Fortune in the Year 2004 (2004 年“開運寶典”)
    • Fortune in the Year 2005 (2005 年“開運寶典”)
    • Fortune in the Year 2006 (2006 年“開運寶典”)
    • Fortune in the Year 2007 (2007 年“開運寶典”)
    • Fortune in the Year 2008 (2008 年“開運寶典”)
    • Fortune in the Year 2009 (2009 年“開運寶典”)
    • Fortune in the Year 2010 - Exclusive (2010 年獨家開運寶典 一“虎報平安 化凶煞”)
    • Modern Fengshui – 1st Edition (2007“時尚風水系列-1”)
    • Modern Fengshui – 1st Edition (2007“時尚風水季刊系列-1”)
    • Modern Fengshui – 2nd Edition (2007“時尚風水季刊系列-2”)
    • Modern Fengshui – 3rd Edition (2007“時尚風水季刊系列-3”)
    • Modern Fengshui – 4th  Edition (2007“時尚風水季刊系列-4”)

    Merging Taoism into Fengshui is what makes Grand Master Lee popular and unique. He has worked with uncountable clienteles, which includes Nirvana Multi Asia Group, who is the largest bereavement care industry in world. He was also invited by many corporations to conduct “Fengshui & Destiny Analysis” seminars to a crowd of more than thousands of peoples at various famous Shopping Malls in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. In addition, Grand Master Lee also written columns for The New Straits Times, The Star and The Edge - Malaysia's leading newspapers and has been featured in many popular global publications and networks. He was also specially invited by ASTRO conservatively from year 2010 to 2012 to share the 12 Zodiac Forecast and Analysis.
    在社会活动方面,李德榮老师更成功的成为上万名客户的风水顾问,其中包括了许多上市公司及各大商号等。富贵集团坐落于昔加末利民达风景墓园也是由李德榮老师亲手盘线定位而成的。李德榮老师也曾於光明日報、中國報、新洲日報、南洋商報、民生報、新生活報、风水報、好運週刊、壹本周刊、風采等各大媒体采訪發表相關風水命理文章。还有曾於各大商号主办当局邀请为风水演讲,如:富贵集团, Pelangi Berhad、Pelangi Plaza、CNI 保健品、MAA保險公司、南洋商報、星洲日報、柔佛残障儿童中心、八星广场、Batu Pahat Summit Parade、Tebrau City Jusco、Penang Queensbay Mall、Penang Gurney Plaza、Batu Pahat Pacific Mall、Port Dickson Tiara Beach 、Sungai Petani Village Mall、寬柔一小、寬柔五小、美容產品Empro、Johor Bahru Hyatt Hotel、AEON Jusco Bukit Indah、士乃黃氏公會、AEON Jusco Tebrau City、KL Kepong Jusco、KSL City Mall、City Square 及各大广场等。連續三年被ASTRO電視臺特指定為年度十二生肖風水主講人。

    Thousands of students have also learnt and mastered BaZi, Classical Feng Shui, and other Chinese Metaphysics subjects through Grand Master Lee's structured learning programs and books. His wish is to nurture more like-minded and devoted Professional Feng Shui Consultant who does not appreciate Fengshui solely as an ancient art but seek apply it to improve quality of lives of others with high standard and ethical Fengshui.成千上万的学生并通过李老师的课程和书籍学习了如何掌握八字,风水等中国玄学。李老师经常讲解风水和命理,目的是作为学术探讨、归纳与印证。把风水的真知灼见,传授给好学的学生,推广“风水命理”这门从老祖宗所遗传下来的奥妙学问与学生们群起发扬广大。