• QI MEN DUN JIA / 门遁甲

    Taoism has a secret door for wealth ushering technique. It is the most Secretive Water Placement Method which primarily based upon a set of trigrams that derived from a designated Trigram related to the sitting and facing of the property. There derives the “Wu-Gui Yun Cai” 《五鬼運財》. Many people have heard about it but not every master knows the real practice.

    In LTE Feng Shui, our Grand Master is well versed in this highly sophisticated and secretive Chinese Metaphysics technique where it promises and delivers prosperity when applying in the right time and space.AEON Bukit Indah’s “Wu-Gui Yun Cai” 《五鬼運財》was overall arrangement by Grand Master Lee Teck Eng.


    道家有一个极秘的求财风水局。坐爲山龍,向爲水龍,山龍水龍各立一卦,並依法進行卦,依淨陰淨陽及三爻卦納甲原理納入二十四山,把山龍上廉貞星所在之向位,將來水排於巨門星位上。陽宅中,在山龍廉貞星位開門、开窗等氣口,使水龍巨門星位有水過堂。此即爲“五鬼運財局。這個局广为人知,且许多人耳熟能详,但真正精通佈“五鬼運財”局的師傅,卻是寥寥無幾。在LTE风水,我们的李德榮老师精通这个高度复杂和隐秘的中国玄术,并充份应用正确的时间和空间,帶出它的运财效果。AEON Bukit Indah的“五鬼運財”局,是由李德榮老師親手佈局的。

    Qi Men Dun Jia 《奇門遁甲》 is an ancient form of Chinese Meta-Physics which is still used in this modern era. There are people translated it as “Mystical Door Hiding Techniques”. In Chinese traditional culture, Qi Men Dun Jia has incorporated with I-Ching, astronomy, geography, nine flying stars, yin yang five elements, and others techniques, known as the highest level in I-Ching predictions and has another term as Emperor Technique. This technique encompasses being in the right place, at the right time in order to control the outcomes of “luck.” It is used to forecast and calculate the outcomes of luck by understanding the use of positive environmental frequencies. Today, in this competitive environment, LTE Feng Shui is able to put you in an optimum position to achieve the results you want in any event or phenomenon by applying this complex yet powerful technique. It may be applied to business, crime-solving, marriages and matchmaking, medical divination, Feng Shui, military affairs, finding missing people, travel, personal fortune, divination etc.

    “奇门遁甲” 可以说是中国最大的一门秘术学问,至今还在流行。还有人把它译为“神秘的隐门藏术”。在中国传统文化中,奇门遁甲以易经八卦为基础,结合星相历法、天文地理、八门九星、阴阳五行、三奇六仪等要素,是易经最高层次的预测学,因此奇门遁甲自古被称为帝王学。这种学术是在正确的地方和时间控制自然界的磁性作用影响万物之灵的所谓“运气”。它是用环境的频率来预测和计算运气的结果。在这个竞争激烈的环境下,LTE风水能够应用这个复杂而强大的学术让您在任何事件或现象达到最佳结果。