• SHENG JI /

    Chinese placed great emphasis on the burial ground location and the proper ceremonial procedures for the deceased. In ancient times, a compatible grave or ash urn in a good layout for the deceased can yield prosperity and affluence for the offspring while a bad layout may bring forth disasters. However, in today modern city, the physical science almost having the same philosophy, as we know, earth is a great magnetic field that has the ability to record and disseminate magnetic frequency. The bones of the dead take effect with the magnetic influences of the earth and send out signals in the form of electromagnetic waves to the descendants, due to the same “genetic” with the deceased the descendants are able to receive the same frequency and produce a series of reactions that have a good or bad impact. Therefore, Yin Geomancy carries significant and profound weight on the future generation.



    From Feng Shui perspective, erection of tombstones (“Sheng Ji”) is the foundation of your destiny. No one is born with a perfect ‘Bazi’ (self-profiling of Feng Shui astrology governed by a set of elemental energies unique to each person) and to remedy such imperfection, an adjustment at the later stage of your life is required. A Feng Shui inspired Sheng Ji plays a key role in strengthening the footing of your destiny by harnessing the good ‘qi’ from the universe. In other words, a thoughtfully established Sheng Ji helps correct the weaknesses of your Bazi through the workaround of nature. Furthermore, the Feng Shui of Sheng Ji requires a very specific orientation. This is due to a complex workaround between a human habitat and a graveyard. Sheng Ji is a Feng Shui method specifically adopted to enhance one’s luck and course of destiny. From Feng Shui perspective, Sheng Ji delivers the desired results in a fastest manner. Therefore, Sheng Ji not only benefited to parents but also benefits descendants alike.


    In summary, only an authentic Feng Shui master whom has acquired the highest Feng Shui skill and on site experiences is able to perform this kind of complex Feng Shui implementation. Simply because it involves many complicated and important procedures and rituals during the Yin Geomancy consultation. LTE Feng Shui has in-depth authentic knowledge and experiences in these special metaphysical fields to give right results and able to make necessary arrangement to free you from hassles.